Jimmy Fund Little League Program

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 Group StructureActionLeader Name
 Mass Leader
     MA District 01 MA District 01
          AAA BlueJoin TeamDerek Demary
          DaltonJoin TeamBryon Sherman
          Great BarringtonJoin TeamBryon Sherman
          North AdamsJoin TeamBryon Sherman
          Pittsfield American CDJoin TeamJason Arseneau
          Pittsfield American RedJoin TeamBryon Sherman
          Pittsfield National BlueJoin TeamBryon Sherman
          Rookie RedJoin TeamBob Parsons
     MA District 02 MA District 02
          Easthampton Eagles 10UJoin TeamAnthony Incampo
          Easthampton Eagles 12UJoin TeamDaniel Berrien
     MA District 03 MA District 03
          Chuck Stone SinclairJoin TeamGail Allen
          Jimmy Fund OpenJoin TeamJim Haupt
          Leominster NationalJoin TeamRichard Barnaby
          Lunenburg Little LeagueJoin TeamMichaela Dumais
          North Leominster SinclairJoin TeamAnthony Wozniak
          OpenJoin TeamDaniel Corbin
          Quabbin Area Little League - QALL - 11/12 SinclairJoin TeamShawn Laroche
          Quabbin Jimmy Fund RookiesJoin TeamChris Welch
          Winchendon Little LeagueJoin TeamAdam LeBlanc
     MA District 04 MA District 04
     MA District 05 MA District 05
          Charlton LLJoin TeamJonathan Clark
          Grafton 10 YO AllStarsJoin TeamCJ Chagnon
          Northboro 10YO Allstar EaglesJoin TeamNicole LeClair
          Oxford Little LeagueJoin TeamJonathan Clark
          Shrewsbury U10 NLJoin TeamJonathan Clark
          Westborough Little LeagueJoin TeamJason Miller
     MA District 06 MA District 06
          Cardinals MaroonJoin TeamJP Picard
          MA LL District 6Join TeamJeff Silvia
          Swansea LL GoldJoin TeamJP Picard
          Taunton East Little LeagueJoin TeamAndrew Marshall
          Taunton West LLJoin TeamDan Gagnon
     MA District 07 MA District 07
          East Bridgwater Vikings U8Join TeamAndrew Mahoney
          Middleboro Little League 9 National All Star TeamJoin TeamSandra Tullish
     MA District 08 MA District 08
     MA District 09 MA District 09
     MA District 10 MA District 10
     MA District 11 MA District 11
     MA District 12 MA District 12
          9 Year Old Melrose - RedJoin TeamChris Ludlow
          Brookline 10BJoin TeamDavid Scanlan
          Brookline 9UJoin TeamScott Reid
          Brookline U11Join TeamSean Dempsey
          Everett 11ísJoin TeamDavid Clough
          Everett 12gold /Ella's armyJoin Teamrichard loesch
          Everett 9'sJoin TeamMichael Belloise
          Everett GoldJoin TeamRich Loesch
          Everett Little League 12's Red In Honor of Team RubyJoin TeamEnrico Vega
          Malden Youth BaseballJoin Teammichael hudson
          MelroseJoin TeamCory Thomas
          Melrose 10U WhiteJoin TeamMATTHEW ANDERSON
          Melrose 11u WhiteJoin TeamJohn Orlandella
          Melrose 12UJoin TeamDavid Sheridan
          Melrose 9U WhiteJoin TeamMichael DiFiore
          Melrose Red 11 yr oldsJoin TeamAllan Fucci
          Melrose-10 Americans (RED)Join TeamKevin Donegan
          MelroseGray9ísJoin TeamMatt Repici
          Somerville 10'sJoin TeamJason Born
          Somerville 9'sJoin TeamKyle Antonelli
     MA District 13 MA District 13
          8/9 Year Old Wilmington WildcatsJoin TeamTommy Demers
          Assabet Valley Little LeagueJoin TeamVincent Kearney
          Bedford LL 10Join TeamGary Gilbert
          Concord Carlisle Farm GoldJoin TeamChris Morse
          Concord Carlisle MajorsJoin TeamPaul Pimenta
          Lincoln Sudbury Farm GreenJoin TeamWako Iwasaki
          Lincoln Sudbury Farm YellowJoin TeamChris Giunta
          Lincoln Sudbury Majors GrayJoin TeamNicholas Covino
          Lincoln Sudbury Majors GreenJoin TeamDoug Adams
          Lincoln Sudbury Majors NavyJoin TeamMatthew Scales
          Lincoln Sudbury Minors BlueJoin TeamMichael Cunningham
          Lincoln Sudbury Minors GoldJoin TeamBrian Morrissey
          Lincoln Sudbury Minors SilverJoin TeamNeal Van Patten
          Lincoln Sudbury RaptorsJoin TeamNate Knowles
          Lincoln Sudbury Rookie VikingsJoin TeamKurt Reiner
          Lincoln Sudbury Scorpions (Rookie)Join TeamMark Lewis
          LS Blue JaysJoin TeamDavid Krauser
          N. Reading 11-12Join TeamJoe Mancinelli
          N. Reading 8-9 1Join TeamTom Vautin
          N. Reading 8-9 2Join TeamMyles Dudley
          N. Reading 9-10 1Join TeamJames Boviard
          N. Reading 9-10 2Join TeamMike Levine
          Reading 11-12 BlackJoin TeamPat Connelly
          Reading 11-12 RedJoin TeamChris White
          Reading 8-9 BlackJoin TeamKevin Prescott
          Reading 8-9 RedJoin TeamSteve Pizzotti
          Reading 8-9 WhiteJoin TeamTom Fratto
          Reading 9-10 BlackJoin TeamJoe Zucchero
          Reading 9-10 RedJoin TeamGary Morrow
          Stoneham 11-12 SpartansJoin TeamRocky MacDonald
          Stoneham 8-9 BlueJoin TeamSteve Leonard
          Stoneham 9-10 SpartansJoin TeamMichael Vallone
          Stoneham BlueJoin TeamStephen Leonard
          Stoneham RoyalJoin TeamRobert Cabezas
          Stoneham WhiteJoin TeamBob Campbell
          StrikersJoin TeamDan Velonis
          WakefieldJoin TeamPaul LaMonica
          Wakefield 11-12 LeoneJoin TeamFrank Leone
          Wakefield 11-12 OrourkeJoin TeamBruce O'Rourke
          Wakefield 8-9Join TeamKevin Giberti
          Wakefield 9-10 GoodwinJoin TeamScott Goodwin
          Wakefield ReevesJoin TeamChuck Reeves
          Wayland MinorsJoin TeamJohn Evangelista
          Weston FarmJoin TeamAlexander Mackey
          Weston MajorsJoin TeamWinston Smith
          Weston MinorsJoin TeamJoshua Winograd
          Weston RookieJoin TeamCharlie Hipwood
          Wilmington 11-12 Red SoxJoin TeamHenry Belding
          Wilmington 11-12 WildcatsJoin TeamTodd Ebert
          Wilmington 9-10 Red SoxJoin TeamMike Hegerty
          Wilmington Wildcats 9-10sJoin TeamRonald Jordan
          Woburn 11-12Join TeamJon Byford
          Woburn 2Join TeamJason (Mia) Basile
          Woburn 8-9 1Join TeamJames Vaughan
          Woburn 9-10Join TeamRyan Greene
     MA District 14 MA District 14
     MA District 15 MA District 15
          Beverly Little LeagueJoin TeamBill Lowd
          Gloucester Little LeagueJoin TeamBill Lowd
          Manchester Little LeagueJoin TeamTim Pike
          Rockport Little LeagueJoin TeamGregg Norris
     MA District 16 MA District 16
          East Lynn 10'sJoin TeamSam Ohannesian
          East Lynn 10sJoin TeamMiriam Fusco
          East Lynn 11Join TeamPaul Conde
          East Lynn 11'sJoin TeamMichael Phelps
          East Lynn 12íSJoin TeamMatt Morin
          Lynnfield 10'sJoin TeamJon Clark
          Lynnfield 11'sJoin TeamRob Higdon
          PeabodyJoin TeamJon Swanson
          Peabody West 11 yr oldsJoin TeamFran Callanan
          Peabody West 12'sJoin TeamChris Bell
          Saugus AmericanJoin TeamTanya DiGirolamo
          Saugus NationalJoin TeamJoshua Crawford
          Swampscott 1Join TeamJonathan Collins
          Swampscott 10's - Team 2Join TeamJoe Ford
          Swampscott 2 12 year oldsJoin TeamPeter Murphy
          Winthrop VikingsJoin TeamGreg Sullivan
          Wyoma 10'sJoin TeamRyan Newhall
          Wyoma Little LeagueJoin TeamWyoma Little League
          Wyoma Little League 10Join TeamKevin Ronningen


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