Jimmy Fund Little League Program

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 State StructureActionLeader Name
 Mass Leader
     MA District 01 MA District01
          Pittsfield 'LL Triple A WhiteJoin TeamWayne Moore
          Pittsfield AAA RedJoin TeamKristoffer Roberts
          Pittsfield American CDJoin TeamDavid Wildgoose
          Pittsfield Little LeagueJoin Teammark Socie
          Pittsfield LL Nat.BlueJoin TeamPeter Dunham
          Pittsfield LL NationalJoin TeamDevin Reynolds
          PIttsfield Triple A WhiteJoin TeamShane Laundry
     MA District 02 MA District02
          Easthampton Eagles 10UJoin TeamAnthony Incampo
          Easthampton Eagles 12UJoin TeamScott Thibodeau
          Southampton WarriorsJoin TeamSteve Capshaw
     MA District 03 MA District03
          Chuck Stone Sinclair DivisionJoin TeamGail Allen
          Leominster NationalJoin TeamAlexis Delgado
          Lunenburg Knights 9&10Join TeamTodd Kelly
          Lunenburg Knights SinclairJoin TeamDuane Iovanni
          North LeominsterJoin TeamRalph Bustin
          North Leominster 9/10 OpenJoin TeamChad Garner
          Quabbin (QALL) 9/10 Open TeamJoin TeamShawn LaRoche
          Quabbin Sinclair Team- 2017Join TeamKim Dawson
          WinchendonJoin TeamDean Iannacone
     MA District 04 MA District04
     MA District 05 MA District05
          Grafton 10A All StarsJoin TeamJack Schofield
          Millbury LLJoin TeamDan Girard
          Shrewsbury 10U Allstars NationalJoin TeamEric Ferguson
          Shrewsbury AmericansJoin TeamKris Salt
          Westborough LLJoin TeamJason Pisciotta
     MA District 06 MA District06
     MA District 07 MA District07
          East bridgewater vikingsJoin TeamJoseph Foley
          Middleboro LL 9UJoin TeamJennifer Prisco
          U8 East BridgewaterJoin TeamMichael Long
     MA District 08 MA District08
     MA District 09 MA District09
     MA District 10 MA District10
     MA District 11 MA District11
     MA District 12 MA District12
          BrooklineJoin TeamJenn Marckres
          Brookline Killer B'sJoin TeamChris Roche
          Everett little league 10'sJoin TeamDavid Clough
          Everett Little League 11sJoin TeamOscar Vega
          Everett Little League 12sJoin TeamGeorge Castiello
          Everett Little League 9'sJoin TeamJohn Marchese
          Melrose - RedJoin TeamChris Ludlow
          Melrose 10Join TeamCory Thomas
          Melrose 10 RedJoin TeamAllan Fucci
          Melrose GraysJoin TeamMatt Repici
          Melrose Magnificent 11'sJoin TeamBill Thompson
          Melrose U10 WhiteJoin TeamJames Recinito
          Somerville 11sJoin TeamAlejandro Oliver
          Somerville Jimmy Fund 9sJoin TeamHerc Kalogeropoulos
     MA District 13 MA District13
          8-9 Year Old Woburn OrangeJoin TeamDafna Brown
          Assabet Valley - Minors BlueJoin TeamMax Lamson
          Assabet Valley - Minors OrangeJoin TeamKenneth Scully
          Assabet Valley Majors BlueJoin TeamScott Thaxton, JD, CRPC
          Assabet Valley Majors OrangeJoin TeamMark Wallace
          Avill BlueJoin Teamscott thaxton
          Bedford Jimmy Fund RedJoin TeamJenn Meconi
          CC Farm GoldJoin TeamPaul Grasso
          Concord Carlisle MajorsJoin TeamJason Joseph
          Concord-Carlisle Farm MaroonJoin TeamPhil Gibson
          JF Minors LS OrangeJoin TeamDavid Krauser
          Lincoln Sudbury Farm GreenJoin TeamMichael Cunningham
          Lincoln Sudbury Farm OrangeJoin TeamNeal Van Patten
          Lincoln Sudbury Gray GhostsJoin TeamJim DeMichele
          Lincoln Sudbury Majors GreenJoin TeamMatt Murphy
          Lincoln Sudbury Royal Blue SoxJoin TeamJames DeMichele
          N Reading 11 12 Team 1Join TeamKevin Delano
          N. Reading 8-9 team 1Join TeamAdam Griffith
          North Reading 11 12 Team 2Join TeamEd Chaison
          North Reading 8 9 Team 2Join TeamSean Callanan
          North Reading 9 10 Team 2Join TeamPeter Day
          North Reading 910 Team 1Join TeamJay Wesley
          Reading - WhiteJoin TeamTim Reilly
          Reading 11 12 BlueJoin TeamAndy Fotino
          Reading 11 12 GreenJoin TeamRobert Coulter
          Reading 11 12 RedJoin TeamCarl Branson
          Reading 8 9 WhiteJoin TeamJeff Barton
          Reading 89 RedJoin TeamChris Calvani
          Reading 9 10 BlueJoin TeamJames Marcotte
          Reading 9 10 RedJoin TeamThomas Carter
          Stoneham 11 12 NavyJoin TeamJohn Faletra
          Stoneham 11 12 RoyalJoin TeamAnthony Romano
          Stoneham 89 RoyalJoin TeamMike Sypher
          Stoneham 9/10Join TeamJohn Wood
          Wakefield 11 12 BaumhardtJoin TeamMike Baumhardt
          Wakefield Leone 11/12Join TeamFrank Leone
          Wakefield ReevesJoin TeamChuck Reeves
          Wakefield StormCatsJoin TeamMichael Labieniec
          Wakefield WarriorsJoin TeamRalph D'alleva
          Wakefield Warriors (Giberti) 8-9Join TeamKevin Giberti
          Wayland ChiefsJoin TeamChris Fay
          Wayland Farm BravesJoin TeamDavid Zampese
          Wayland Farm WarriorsJoin TeamJoe Polizzotti
          Wayland Majors WarriorsJoin TeamWilliam Bumstead
          Wayland Minors WarriorsJoin TeamPaul Finnegan
          Weston Farm GrayJoin TeamBobby Ferguson
          Weston Farm MaroonJoin TeamReem Lago
          Wilmington 11 12 AmericansJoin TeamJake Russell
          Wilmington 11 12 Red SoxJoin TeamTodd Ebert
          Wilmington 11 12 WildcatsJoin TeamTom Dalton
          Wilmington 89 AmericansJoin TeamMike Hegarty
          Wilmington 89 NationalsJoin TeamJonathan Heos
          Wilmington 910 AmericansJoin TeamDan Pendenza
          Wilmington 910 WildcatsJoin TeamRon Jordan
          Woburn 11 12 Team 1Join TeamJoe Tuzzolo
          Woburn 11 12 Team 2Join TeamAdelino Vieira
          Woburn 9 10Join TeamJon Byford
     MA District 14 MA District14
     MA District 15 MA District15
          Beverly Little LeagueJoin TeamBill Lowd
          Gloucester Little LeagueJoin TeamWilliam Lowd
     MA District 16 MA District16
          East Lynn 11sJoin TeamJamie Mcgrath
          East Lynn 12Join TeamJamie Mcgrath
          Lynnfield Little League 12sJoin TeamRobert Higdon
          MarbleheadJoin TeamJeffrey Morrison
          Peabody - 11Join TeamJon Swanson
          Peabody -10Join TeamJon Swanson
          Peabody -12Join TeamJon Swanson
          Saugus American Team ZackJoin TeamDavid Turilli
          Saugus American 12'sJoin Teamderek nuzzo
          Swampscott 10 and 11sJoin TeamPeter Murphy
          Swampscott 12sJoin TeamDom Nicastro


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